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Puget Sound Nonprofits Combine to Create New Affordable Housing Brand

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Three Puget Sound-based nonprofits have come together to create CIRC, a new brand that provides affordable housing and services to seniors and families.

Sustainable Housing for Ageless Generations (SHAG), the Community Life Foundation (CLF) and Downtown Action to Save Housing (DASH) have joined forces to create CIRC. All three organizations are longtime leaders in affordable housing and resident services in Puget Sound.

Each component brings different expertise to the new brand, positioning CIRC to provide both housing and services to a wide range of residents.

CIRC will develop, own and operate affordable housing communities and provide resident services and programs to communities owned by external partners, much as CLF did. Over time, all existing communities will be re-branded as CIRC communities.

CIRC (as CLF) pioneered the “Neighborhood Network” approach that creates a comprehensive resident support network within two miles of each community. Providing access to essential services, resources and programs, the network can be tailored to the specific needs of communities and residents.

CIRC will serve as the affordable housing arm of Transforming Age. Headquartered in Bellevue, Transforming Age is a leading nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of older adults by integrating housing, community services, technology, philanthropy and partnerships.

“There are a lot of aging baby boomers that don’t qualify for subsidized housing and can’t afford private-pay senior living options,” says Torsten Hirche, president and CEO of Transforming Age. “We think there’s an opportunity to leverage our combined resources and take models that we’ve developed and deploy them into the areas of greatest need.”

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