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Retirement Community Living

Dynamic Living Associate

Date Posted, July 8, 2020. Category, Harrisburg (Ecumenical Community). Job Type, Full-time. Company Name, Ecumenical Retirement Community. Source: Google

Business as unusual at Vicar's Landing

By Tess Crosby. Marketing Director of Vicar's Landing. COVID-19 has caused many changes on the Vicar's Landing campus, but the retirement … Source: Google

Tips for Strong & Healthy Bones

The experts in our retirement community recommend including calcium and vitamin D in your diet and regular exercise for strong and healthy bones … Source: Google

How to keep senior citizens out of nursing homes

That alternative is the NORC, which stands for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. These are designated apartment buildings, complexes or … Source: Google

nee Kennedy Metcalf Elizabeth Jane Carson

… to her caregivers and friends at Bonnie Place Retirement community, Thank You. We are heartbroken; but know that our Mom will be greatly missed ……

Russellville Park Retirement Community

Russellville Park Retirement Community. Does anyone know if you are allowed to have fun colored hair as a caregiver at Russellville Park? I have an ……