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Independent Living

Independent Living facilities and communities are an excellent first step for seniors that no longer can or want to live in their family home. In many cases, independent living is an easy and smart transition towards healthy senior living. After living in a family home for 30 or more years, many senior have trouble making a transition to a senior lifestyle that includes less driving and more assistance with daily activities. Independent living is a great solution because it provides seniors with a comfortable home-like atmosphere that is designed to keep seniors interactive, healthy and safe.

Many independent living communities are more like resorts than old age homes. More deluxe independent living centers can include 5-star meals. designer decorated interiors, athletic complexes, activities directors and concierge service. All these wonderful amenities make independent living a stress-free option for many seniors

  • Independent Living is stress free.

Assisted Living is stress-free for both the seniors and families of the seniors. Since almost all facilities have some kind of alert system and some 24-hour immediate help, there is no stress about a small accident becoming serious like when a senior lives in the family home alone. The available social and athletic services keep seniors “on their game” as long as possible and since may independent living facilities are part of a Continuing Care Retirement Community, seniors can make friends that they can still see daily even if they need a short-term or long-term stay in assisted living or skilled nursing care.

  • Social Lifestyle

One of the biggest advantages of independent living is that they allow seniors to make new friends and stay social. Social interaction helps keep a senior’s mind sharp and active. Most larger centers have an activities director that schedules daily trips to local merchants and entertainment features. Just hop on the bus with your friends and head to a play, concert, or event without having to worry about logistics or details. This type of daily interaction is perfect for keeping seniors, that may have experienced a significant loss, happy and enjoying life.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Better facilities also include full athletic facilities like a workout area, personal trainers, yoga classes, a pool, indoor walking track and hot tub. These athletic service help seniors stay in shape so they can live a longer and more healthy life. In most cases these amenities are included in the base price so seniors are more likely to take advantage of the services since they are included.

  • Independent Living Costs

All these advantages do come at a cost. Many of the more exclusive assisted living facilities charge over $250,000 as a non-refundable entry fee and still have a waiting list. There is also a monthly fee based on services that can be $6,000 or more per month depending on the area. In most parts of the country, the lowest-end independent living facilities charge $3,000 per month for the basic service so there is a wide range of options. In most cases, the decision to move into an independent living facility is based on financial reserves. If you can afford independent living, it is a fantastic lifestyle that makes the most out of every day.